Decoquinate Premix 6%

Appearance: White-like powder.

Pharmacological action

Decoquinate is a quinoline anticoccidial drug. The main role is to hinder the development of coccidia sporozoites. The peak period is the first days after infection. Because it can significantly inhibit the host organism's immunity to coccidia, it should be applied continuously throughout the growth cycle of broilers. Coccidiosis is resistant to indoloxime and it should be changed regularly. Its anticoccidial effect is related to the size of the drug particles. The finer the particles, the stronger the anticoccidial action, and the particles with a diameter of about 1.8 μm should be made available for use.

Anticoccidial drugs. It is used to prevent chicken coccidiosis caused by various coccidiosis (mutation, tender, giant, heap type, poison, and brucella, etc.).

Usage & Dosage
Mixed with feed.
For broiler chicken, each 1000kg of feed mix with the product 453g. Use for 7-14 days.

Adverse Reaction
Use according to the prescribed usage and dosage has not yet seen adverse reactions.

It can not be used in fodder containing bentonite.

Withdraw Period
5 days for chicken.

Keep in tightly closed containers. The preservation condition should be at the temperature under 20℃, cool and dry.

100g per pack.
For other formats, please contact.
Shelf Life
24 months

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