Amitraz Solution 12.5%


Main Ingredient

This product is slightly yellow clear liquid

Pharmacological Action
Amphotamate is a broad-spectrum insecticide, all kinds of mites, ticks, flies, lice are effective. Mainly for contact poison, both stomach poison and internal poison.The insecticidal activity of the amitraz is related to its inhibition of monoamine oxidase to a certain extent, while the latter is a metabolic enzyme involved in the amines neurotransmitters of ticks, mites and other parasites.Due to the role of Amitraz, vampire arthropod insect over-excited, so that can not adsorb the animal body surface and fall.The product has a slow insecticidal effect, generally 24 hours after the drug can make lice, ticks off the body surface, and 48 hours can cause mites from the affected part of the skin to fall off.One administration can maintain efficacy 6 to 8 weeks to protect the carcass no longer affected by the invasion of parasites. In addition, it also have a strong insecticidal effect to the bee mites.

Mainly used to control 
 ectoparasites diseases in cattle, sheep, pigs, such as scabies mites, itch mites, ticks, lice, etc; it can also use to kill bee mites.

Usage &Dosage
Dip, spray or rub: for livestock, take this product 1ml, diluted with water to 250-500ml; for bee, spray: take this product 1ml, diluted with water to 1000ml, can be used for 200 box bee.

Adverse Reactions:
1. This product is less toxic, but is sensitive to equus.
2. Have certain irritation on the skin and mucous membranes

1. Equussensitived, used with caution.
2. This product is irritating to the skin, prevent the liquid stained from skin and eyes.
3. Very toxic to fish, aquaculture disabled. Do not contaminate fish ponds and rivers.
4. Dairy production is disabled.
5. The product should be diluted by cold water dilution and prepared when using.
6. Flow honey period disabled.

Withdrawal Period
Cattle, sheep for 21 days, pigs for 8 days; discard time for 48 hours. 5 daysbefore flow honey.


1 liter per bottle

Shading, sealed.

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