Mixed Feed Additives   Liquid Compound Acidifier
Main Ingredients
Lactic acid, citric acid, sodium citrate, phosphoric acid, diluent (purified water).

Each 1000g finished product contains lactic acid ≥ 400g, citric acid ≥ 130g; phosphoric acid ≥ 20g.

This product is a clear liquid, with a special odor.

Health Indicators
As ≤11mg/kg, F≤600mg/kg.

1. Improve digestion and absorption, improve feed conversion rate, increase the increasing weight.
2. Reduce the pH of the water body, inhibit the reproduction of harmful microbes in the gastrointestinal tract.
3. Reduce the stress response, reduce the death rate.
4. Purify the drinking water system to prevent clogging the drinking nipples.
5. Has a strong buffer system, safe and long-term.

Usage & Dosage: 
Livestock and poultry species and environment Dosage Remarks
Chicken (one month old) Add 1kg per ton of water Do not add 2 days before and after drinking immunization
Chicken (older than one month) Add 1.5kg per ton of water Use 2-5 days per week
Pig Add 1kg to 2kg per ton of water Can be used continuously
Stress conditions Add 2kg per ton of water Continuously use for 5 days
Package Specification
1000 ml/bottle


Shelf Life
24 months

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