Feed Additives, Protease Preparation for Swine

Technical Description
Add appropriate amount of enzyme preparation in feed can effectively catalyze the degradation of feed nutrients and accelerate its absorption in vivo, which is conducive to the growth and development of pigs.

Protease  ≧500000 U/kg

Appearance: yellow to light brown uniform powder, have special smell of fermentation. 

Usage & Dosage
Mix with drinking wanter or feed.
Lactating sows: each ton of feed mixed with AntiRhea 2 kg; or disoved AntiRhea 2 kg into each ton of drinking water, for free drinking. For five to seven days.APPLICATIONS
Suitable for the whole process of pig breeding.

100g per pack, 10 packs per box, 4 boxes per carton.
For other formats, please contact.

We recommend storing the product with sealed packaging in cool and dry place.

Once open, use immediately. Once the product deteriorated, stop using it immediately.

Shelf Life
Under unsealed state for 18 months.

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