Livestock and Poultry Compound
Mixed Feed Additives

Main Ingredients  
Vit A, Vit D, Vit E, Vit K3, VitB1, Vit B2, Vit B6, Vit B12, Vit C, folic acid, nicotinamide, D-calcium pantothenate, d-biotin, L- lysine hydrochloride, DL-methionine, L-threonine, diluent (glucose).

Product Composition Analysis Guaranteed Value
each kg contains

 Item  Standard Item  Standard
VitA ≧ 6,000,000 IU Nicotinamide ≧ 5,000 mg
Vit D3 ≧ 1,500,000 IU  D-calcium pantothenate≧ 3,000 mg
Vit E ≧ 3,500 mg folic acid ≧ 100 mg
Vit K3 ≧ 2,000 mg d-biotin ≧ 300 µg
Vit B1 ≧ 1,000 mg  L-lysine hydrochloride ≧ 6,000 mg
Vit B2 ≧ 5,000 mg DL-methionine ≧ 12,000 mg
Vit B6  ≧ 1,500 mg  L-threonine ≧ 1,000 mg
Vit B12   ≧ 2,000 µg K ≧ 10 g
Vit C ≧ 20,000 mg Na ≧ 16 g
Water ≤ 10%    

Can be used in livestock and poultry (such as broiler, laying hens, breeding hens, swine,etc) when vaccination, debeaking, castration, recovery, group transfer, climate change, etc.

Usage & Dosage  
Mix with drinking water: add this product 1kg into per 1000kg of water, for three to five days;
Mix with feed: add this product 1kg into per 1000kg of feed, for three to five days.

This product can not be fed directly, but stepwise mixed with feed, stir evenly, feed.When mixing with drinking water, should prepare when using. And should not mix with hot water. Once the
product is opened, should be used up as soon as possible. The remained product should be sealed and saved at cool dry place.

1000g/Pack, 10 Packs /Barrel

Sealed, stored in cool and dry place.

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